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More Details About the Courses:

The current format was trialled in 2018 and launched as a separate course in 2019 and has had very positive feedback.

The idea behind the course is to spread out the sessions over a few months, to make it more like an in-house course, and to give both information on the theory behind the exam as well as practical tips and experience taking the papers. This allows tutees to consolidate their learning between sessions and keep practicing mock papers with guidance on each paper.


The course is also arranged to provide mock exams in exam-style conditions, which has been found to assist tutees (as it can be quite hard to find time to sit past papers in 5 hour blocks of time and it gives the idea to first time sitters of the physical intensity of taking a 5 hour professional exam) – but with detailed feedback on their answer.

We recommend starting the course in May as the course starts with detailed material and exercises, going through the theory and law behind the paper and the skills required to pass the paper, including a detailed analysis of each part of the paper and different standards of answers and the corresponding marks one would expect. The course also includes interactive worked examples to explore the detail of how to give a bad, good and an excellent answer to the paper.

After covering the theory and exam technique for the exam, the rest of the course involves tutees taking two mock papers followed by a detailed debrief on the mock paper. The format of the debrief allows groups of tutees to exchange papers and mark each other's paper, to provide a more independent mark and also to expose them to different answer styles. This allows each candidate to get a mark for their paper and gain detailed feedback on what answers were bad, good or excellent.

For first time sitters, the course involves the tutees sitting the more recent papers as mock papers. For re-sitters, tutees are provided with two completely new papers with detailed feedback and also access to a library of past mock papers from previous courses.

Following the course, e-mail support will be provided for any questions following the course or in the lead up to the exam. Also, the previously written "new" mock papers used with the re-sitters are available to tutees needing further mock papers to practice.

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