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Barnes IP: FD4 Study Guide (2022 Edition)

SKU: FD4_2022

This is a pre-order for the revised FD4 study guide explaining to candidates what they need to do to pass the PEB Final Diploma 4 (FD4) Infringement & Validity qualifying examination. 


This a complete re-write of the CIPA FD4 study guide, which was originally written by Nigel Frankland and updated by Philip Barnes.


The book is intended to serve as a guide to any candidates taking the examination, either first time sitters or resitters, and explains the general approaches, approaches required for each section of the examination and also provides some tips on technique.


Assuming that there are no interruptions to supply chains, the book should be ready and posted out to those who pre-order in May 2022.

    VAT Included
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