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Intellectual Property Training Courses for the CIPA FD4 Examination

The tutor, Philip Barnes, is an ex-P6/FD4 Examiner and the co-author of the current CIPA edition of the P6/FD4 Training Book. He originally developed his course in 2013, having given many CIPA tutorials and in-house tutorials at several of the large UK firms and through JDD Consultants.

The courses offered are continuously improved based on feedback, using the formats and teaching techniques that have been quantified as making a difference to the pass rate for previous tutees (which has been 75% to 90% in some previous years for first time sitters).

The current format was trialled in 2018 and launched as a separate course in 2019 and has had very positive feedback.

The idea behind the course is to spread out the sessions over a few months, to make it more like an in-house course, and to give both information on the theory behind the exam as well as practical tips and experience taking the papers. This allows tutees to consolidate their learning between sessions and follow up with the tutor between sessions to examine feedback or ask questions from the previous session.

Since 2020, the course has been operated as a remote course using Microsoft Teams.​

The course is also arranged to provide mock exams in exam-style conditions, which has been found to assist tutees (as it can be quite hard to find time to sit past papers in 5 hour blocks of time and it gives the idea to first time sitters of the physical intensity of taking a 5 hour professional exam) – but with very rapid feedback on their answer by having the papers marked the next day and having a debrief on the paper.

Courses are released for booking in January each year and typically run from May until July each year. There is a course for first time sitters of FD4 and a course for resitters of FD4. The first time sitters course looks at recent FD4 papers while the resitters course looks at new mock papers specifically written for the course by Philip Barnes.


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